Securing your Brilliance: A Hands-On Workbook for Copyright & IP Protection

  • Are you worried about people copying or stealing your ideas and information?
  • Are you sure you own all your copyrights and content? 
  • Are you sure all your passwords and accounts are secure?
  • ​Do your prices match all of the value you deliver to your clients?
Get the Securing your Brilliance: A Hands-On Workbook for Copyright & IP Protection so you can Protect Your Intellectual Property! 

Do You Really Know All the Valuable Assets You Own in Your Business?

If you’re like many business or IT consultants, freelancers, graphic designers, web developers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs or other solo professional services providers. . . you may not realize that many of the reports, models, algorithms, and other proprietary tools you use daily for client work are your valuable intellectual property.

Done for You Planning!

The Workbook is designed to provide you with an organized and structured tool for auditing your company’s intellectual property and other digital assets.

I’ve done all of the thinking for you and clearly listed and categorized each valuable business asset that must be included in your audit.

The Workbook makes what could be a long and stressful process, extremely easy and straightforward!

As a business, intellectual property and technology lawyer with extensive experience, you can be sure that you’re getting reliable information from a knowledgeable source. If you can’t hire a lawyer directly . . . this is the next best thing.

How Will This Workbook Help Your Business?

After completing your Workbook, you will have a comprehensive list of all company intellectual property and other digital assets; their purpose, use and location; the added value they can bring to your business; and the legal information necessary to ensure that you are fully protected.

Conducting this review of your intellectual property will allow you to:

   1. Understand the current state of your IP and other digital assets and how they impact your company's growth.

   2. Identify liabilities (such as leaked passwords, content that is not protected by copyright and subject to loss or theft, and potential intellectual property infringement).

   3. Develop a strategy to protect and leverage your digital assets to grow your business and get paid what you are worth.

Is an Audit to Protect Your IP Something All Businesses Should Do?

YES! We recommend that you complete a review of your intellectual property annually.

With the current fast-paced work environment, things change quickly. The Protect Your IP Guide and Workbook allows you to monitor your digital assets, recognize change, and assess impact on your business’ growth.

This is An Incredible Deal!


You need to protect your company's valuable intellectual property. You don’t want to make the mistake of having someone steal your unprotected assets. This can be detrimental to any business.

With the Workbook’s easy to use, done-for-you formatting, completing a comprehensive review is simple and straightforward.

For the cost of less than one tank of gas, you have the ability to prevent potentially thousands of dollars in legal damages. Your hard work is too important to leave unprotected. 

And the best part! This workbook is ONLY $19.95. The content alone is worth several hundred dollars. Even better, there are THREE bonus ‘Cheat Sheets’ included.

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